Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

 College Hunt for Scholarships

I really should of posted this earlier for those of you looking for scholarships for your kids.  There are a lot of scholarships available, so everyone says, you have to search for the one that is available to your financial status, religion, ethnic race, etc.  There is a site where you sign up, there is quite a bit of forms to fill out, but well worth it.  It will send you scholarships that you can apply for.  You can even pick the school you are interested in attending.  The college that you want to attend can also have their own scholarships and grants.  You need to be in contact with the schools counselor to help you find the money to attend.  Don't rely on your high school counselor to help you get these scholarships and grants.  They have so many students to keep up with and but they are there for local scholarships, which is great.  They will point you in the right direction to help but you have to go out and get them.  Work, search, and search, everyday.  Sign up for everything you can.  Free Money is Free Money it wont come out of your pocket.  Don't forget about the silly ones, Doritos for a year, free computer, etc.  I did not find any of these but I know they are out there.
My oldest Graduated this year.  She decided which college she wanted to attend and went for it.  She applied for the scholarship that was for that college and she received an 80,000 scholarship from that College.  She kept in contact with the counselor which found her a grant for extra 16,000!!!!  She also received a local scholarship of 1000.  Don't let this money fool you it sounds like a lot, but reality is she will need more to go to college.  She has worked very hard while she was in high school to keep her grades up, and it worked!!  I am a very Proud Mother!!  She went after what she wanted.  She will be a college professor, and may even a counselor.  She is outstanding in everything she does, she has become an individual, confident, and I am proud of who she is.  She still needs Mommy though :)  Love you Punkin!!!

Be sure to visit the college and make the most of it.  Attend small and large ones to see which is comfortable for your child.  Most colleges have a website so that they can meet the "new graduating class"  This way they can have friends before they attend.  Be sure to go to orientation to really get familiar with school, counselors, new friends.  Best of Luck. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eureka Vacuum

I recently purchased this bold yellow bag-less 12.5 amp vacuum.
 If you look in the store at vacuums there are no bags in the vacuums anymore, they are becoming obsolete.  I have had my bag vacuum for some time, over  five years.  I figured as long as it sucked, it still worked. Ooh was I wrong.  I noticed my sucking power wasn't working as well as it should, may be due to the fact that I can no longer purchase the correct bags for the machine.
Johnny Cat
 I purchased a Eureka.  I had already vacuumed the floor once with old vacuum, then I used the new vacuum, WOW~ This picked up so much hair and dirt. Yuk Due to the fact that you can see what you are now pulling out of your carpet, not sure but considering that I had already vacuum once with the old vacuum I was impressed with Eureka.  Might I ad I vacuumed my little 8 X 10 carpet 3 X's untill I was no longer vacuuming hair up.  I own 2 cats and 2 dogs and I need a vacuum that will pick up all that hair. 
This vacuum allows you to take out the canister and take out the filter and wash it.  I am loving it.  I like Clean.  I bought this one on sale for 59.00,  it may be cheaper elsewhere but that's what I paid.  It is not the one pictured here. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Animated Valentine Card

Happy Valentines Day!
Did you forget to buy a card?  Save the trees send an animated card by Jacquie Lawson.  I received one of her cards for  Christmas.  I loved it!  It is better than receiving an regular card.  You get all the emotion, joy, happiness, tears, all the feeling in one animated card.  Please Preview her Cards. You can join her membership for only 12.00 a year or 18.00 for two years.  That is 3 paper cards.  So this saves you money plus your 'going green'.

This is a little blurb off of her website.
"The classiest e-cards on the web
Back in the year 2000, Jacquie Lawson, an English artist living in the picturesque village of Lurgashall in Southern England, created an animated Christmas card featuring her dog and cats, and her 15th-century cottage, and sent it to a few friends for their amusement. Those friends sent the e-card to others, and within weeks Jacquie was inundated with requests from all over the world to design more e-cards. In February 2002 she teamed up with a few friends and family members to create"

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Leaving the house without coffee this morning because I ran out, I was on my way to buy some. I was thinking of buying one of the small bottles of cold coffee on the way out when I spotted the ICED COFFEE by International Delight. You get your choice of original, mocha, or vanilla. You can buy this half gallon for $3.98, cheaper than buying at fast food place. I already know International Delight is a quality brand. I use their brand of Vanilla Creamer in my coffee. So I never had an issue that this wouldn't be anything but good. Well, This is really good! I bought the original. It is so creamy and sweet, but not so sweet, like some fast food places tend to make it. It has 100% Premium Arabica Coffee, so smooth and Delicious! I am very impressed with how great this is. You would not think that being in a carton that it would taste like it was freshly made, but it does. You can like them on Facebook and enter to win. Sign up for coupons and specials on their site   I am thinking of using this in my truffle recipe.  This is also distributed by WhiteWave Foods, where I found the truffle recipe video.

Friday, February 3, 2012 Offer has a special offer
$45 dollars in Postage, Free Digital Scale, $5 Supplies Kit. This is great if you ship a lot and don't have time to wait in the long post office line. It is very convenient to use anytime. You can ship overseas, APO, USA. It is a simple, Download software,(they send you a disk with offer) you can add money to your account anytime buy credit card, you log in and log out with security log in information, type your return address, ship to address, type in weight of package, package size, or saving on postal box, choose which type of service, if your sending overseas, they have a custom form to fill out that will print out when you process your postage. Takes about 5 min. You can also view and track your packages. Make sure when you are shipping that you take insurance to cover the cost of your item and shipping, or you will not get any refund. You can get your refund on your site if you need one. If you make a mistake when printing you can reprint, or get a refund right then. It takes a while to have the refund put back into the account but they do put it back into your account, you can also check the status of your refund. You can run reports on your shipping, how much you spend in a month, year, week etc. So if you are planning to ship for your personal or business this is definitely the way to go. This is a offer that is mailed. They have an offer for $80 savings online.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coupon Kraze

I had thought I knew everything about using coupons.  How hard is it, you cut it out and use it at the store.  Well if there is a sale that is great, you save a little more.  Well here is a some videos to watch in case you too are missing the whole coupon clipping kraze.

The Modern Coupon