Friday, February 11, 2011

Understanding Computer/ Texting Language

Trying to figure out all the shortcut chitter chatter that my daughters text me  is confusing!!!!   OMG~ yes that is probably the most popular of words.  I had to ask about a few others only to get the interpretation of "Mommy,  you don't know what that means"- and roll your eyes shutter. So to keep up with all the decoding you can visit to learn more than a few words.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaching Yourself New Shortcuts on the Excel

One shortcut key that has really come in useful is the Control  ++   this magnifies any screen so you are able to read without glasses! Yea!
 Over our winter weather I decided to teach myself Excel.
For Excel Ctrl+ Home = A1 Cell, Alt + Page up = Left 1 Full Screen, Alt + Page down = Right Full Screen, F7= Spelling, Shift +f10 = mini shortcut, Alt + =  = Sum   And the Little check on the bar will enter the data you just typed without moving from the active cell.