Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bugles Kid Fun Snacks

This is Easy and fun for the kids to make.  Just  fill a Bugle with Peanut Butter and dip in melted chocolate, and if you wish you can add sprinkles to the chocolate to personalize it.  It doesn’t require baking and it’s easy enough for younger kids to enjoy.

You will need:

Zip Lock Bags (Freezer Quality) or Decorator Bag

Peanut Butter

Bugles Original 

Melting Chocolate (you can use any flavor, or Color)

Glass Bowl for melting chocolate

Sprinkles (again your choice)

Waxed Paper/Parchment Paper/Foil

Line your work area with waxed paper.   

Take a zip lock bag fold it back, so the Peanut Butter will not be on the zip lock, fill it full of Peanut Butter, close it, but make sure all air is out of the zip lock bag.  Take a pair of scissors and snip off a little on one corner.  

Go ahead and follow directions on the Melting Chocolate.

Take your sprinkles and place them in a small shallow bowl.

Begin filling your Bugles with the Peanut Butter, just to the top.   

Dip the large end of the Bugle in the Melted Chocolate, then dip it in your sprinkles. 
Add sprinkles while chocolate is still soft.

Lay on the waxed paper or foil and let the chocolate cool.

It is a nice salty sweet treat.  Enjoy!!!!