My Cakes

Deadmau5 (techno group)

 Small Personal Ladybug Cake  for 1 year old
Underneath, Large Ladybug Cake
Princess Cake

Black Mambo,Cobra, Rattlesnake Cake

This has fondant daisies.

I took courses at Micheals Store on how to decorate cakes, as my adventure began...  I discovered there was a lot more than just plain flat sheet cakes, I discovered 3 D cakes.  I have made  quite a few Birthday cakes that were over the top of what I could imagine I could make.  Kids come up with the greatest ideas.  I have made a BlackMambaCobra Snake, as soon as I find a pic I will paste it.  Few others, Yellow Hummer, John Deer Tractor, Pink Elephant, Deer Head, Golf Ball on a tee, Purple Flaming Skull Head, Pocket Book, Orange Dragon, Deck of Cards, A Ship,Slug Bug, Mans Batchlor Party Cake, Sponge Bob,  a portrait of ZZ top band cake* WOW!  and I could go on a little while.  Here are some pictures of my cakes, and I will add more as I make them. If you have any questions, please ask, I will be happy to answer them. Soon I will be adding a M-16 3 D cake, wish me luck. * Black and Red Icing are always the hardest to make.              

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  1. Wow! Very Creative! Love the Pink Elephant!