How to Work with Fondant

Working With Fondant
Fondant Tools of the Trade

If you buy your fondant it will not taste as good as what you can make with your own recipe.  I will post one later.  You will need powdered sugar, gum paste powder, and a fondant roller.  You can mix a bit of gum paste powder to help it be a little firmer.  
Powder your place you will roll your fondant on with powdered sugar.  Roll it out thin remember to flip and re-powder to ensure it from sticking, just as you would pastry dough.  You can cut out anything in fondant.  Here I cut some flowers out.  I used the white fondant ball tip to gently rub on the flowers to make them curve up.  You place your flowers on a sponge that comes with a fondant kit.  
For the Tiara, I rolled out the fondant, used heart shaped cutters to cut out hearts, and the fondant slicer to cut the design out.  To get the curve of the tiara I used one of my containers to shape and let dry.  Yup a Monster in the background, pulled a long night.

I did not find the silver balls that is placed on the tiara, they only carry that during Christmas season in our local stores.  I did not have time to drive to Dallas to buy some, so I simply rolled small black balls and coated them with fine silver editable  glitter.  If you use white fondant and silver it looks like pearls.

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