Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring brings Poisen Ivy

Since the weather is starting to warm up and the plants are starting to grow, unfortunately so is poison ivy.

  My two little dogs decided to go on a field trip yesterday.  Where they went I am not sure, they wouldn't tell me, however they did bring home something on their skin, poison ivy oil.  I did not know this and being highly allergic, did I say Highly allergic, I scratched my dogs ears and played with him-(picture @ right Chester). I felt my arm burning I looked down and it was 3 red swollen whelps, I knew it was poison ivy.  The only thing that you need to keep in the house is Tecnu Extreme.  This is medicated poison ivy scrub.  It  relieves the burning and removes poison oils.   I don't get paid for advertising their name, I don't receive any kickbacks.  This is what I use and the only thing I have found that actually works!
       I also bathe the dogs in this which will in turn get rid of the poison ivy oils.   This is a great product to also get rid of other oils like skunk.  One morning when I let my little dogs out they came face to face with a skunk, or should I say face to tail.  

I tried tomato sauce, yuk what a mess,  It  did not work.  So trying everything in the house I came across Tecnu and decided to try it.  I rubbed it on them and almost instantly the smell was gone.  I was scared my hands were going to smell like that but they did not.  I recommend keeping this stuff in the house.   I hope they invent a spray to quickly spray on dogs=although it was not their intention to use on animals, it does work well.
  If you visit Tecnu page they have a story page to send in to receive a free gift.

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