Thursday, June 9, 2011


Looking for a new coffee maker that was not glass and of course I wanted stainless steel on black, I came across the BHG Coffee Maker. It has a pull out filter stainless canister, grinder, programmable, everything I wanted.
Well, I do not like it. It has no inside lines in or on the canister to tell how much water you are putting into it, the removable filter is hard to tell which way to put back in, there is no function on the grinder to let you select your fine ground, and the canister also has a twist on lid, that has to be on and in closed position to make the coffee, it is hard to put back on. I have tried to leave it completely off and the coffee went everywhere, you have to have it screwed on, and in the off position. When pouring the coffee you now have to turn it to the open position and attempt to pour, it is very slow.
I don't know about you but when I wake up in the morning I am not completely awake. And trying to maneuver all these things I have to do is not working it is very frustrating. It should not take me 20 min to make coffee in the morning. Why don't I program it you ask, I never remember, I am too busy with everything else and completely tired when I am done for the day. I am very dissatisfied with this coffee maker for the price I paid. I now use one I have the cost 10.00. Just sad :(

I really want to return for a different coffee maker but I do not know how or where to reach BHG. If you find out how please email me.


  1. I have not sent the coffee maker back- I wanted to try it one last time. I bought coffee beans was going to have coffee and the grinder stopped working. REALLY!

  2. I have the same coffee maker and love it.
    Not sure why it takes you so long.
    I make a pot every morning for my wife. no problems