Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kindle Fire from Amazon

Kindle Fire from Amazon review
Kindle Fire

This is "amazing" quote from daughter.  
There are so many free apps to download.  Books Galore that are free.  Fits perfectly inside your purse when on the go.  Battery life is long.  You can download videos, movies, books, games, check your email, etc. 
  She has already read five books. YEAH!  This was so easy to get her to read.  I go to amazon look at FREE books, put them in a wish list and she reviews them and downloads what she wants.   Yea Mom.  Now if I can get her to download a game to study math with and have her actually play. 
  It has froze twice, downloading games.  We did have a problem with our wi-fi in house, but we moved the stuffed animal that was attacking our netgear and it works fine now.  We have no complaints yet.  Owned about two weeks.  LOVE IT!

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