Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Shark Steam Mop 

This is a great mop.  It is very simple, light weight, easy to use, easy to push, removable washable pads.  I have never liked mops, I have always got on my hands and knees to make sure the floor is clean.  This Shark Steam Mop works great, it really gets the floor clean.  It is very simple to use, comes with a measuring cup, a funnel and a Velcro removable, washable pads.  You can even purchase more pads individually.  You do not use any cleaners in the mop, however I have sprayed cleaner on floor in tough spots.  I own cats and dogs so I always worry about making them sick, now I don't have to worry.  And you don't have purchase any extra stuff to go with this mop, everything is in the box.   Make  a note to shop around for this little guy, I bought "on sale" for $49.00 I could have purchased at a local store for $20.00 
I really like this Shark Steam Mop and if I was to buy again I would purchase the whole set of Steamers.  Did I mention I really like it.  Its worth buying!!  My daughter even likes to mop now!! Yea for me.

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