Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eureka Vacuum

I recently purchased this bold yellow bag-less 12.5 amp vacuum.
 If you look in the store at vacuums there are no bags in the vacuums anymore, they are becoming obsolete.  I have had my bag vacuum for some time, over  five years.  I figured as long as it sucked, it still worked. Ooh was I wrong.  I noticed my sucking power wasn't working as well as it should, may be due to the fact that I can no longer purchase the correct bags for the machine.
Johnny Cat
 I purchased a Eureka.  I had already vacuumed the floor once with old vacuum, then I used the new vacuum, WOW~ This picked up so much hair and dirt. Yuk Due to the fact that you can see what you are now pulling out of your carpet, not sure but considering that I had already vacuum once with the old vacuum I was impressed with Eureka.  Might I ad I vacuumed my little 8 X 10 carpet 3 X's untill I was no longer vacuuming hair up.  I own 2 cats and 2 dogs and I need a vacuum that will pick up all that hair. 
This vacuum allows you to take out the canister and take out the filter and wash it.  I am loving it.  I like Clean.  I bought this one on sale for 59.00,  it may be cheaper elsewhere but that's what I paid.  It is not the one pictured here. 

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