Sunday, February 5, 2012


Leaving the house without coffee this morning because I ran out, I was on my way to buy some. I was thinking of buying one of the small bottles of cold coffee on the way out when I spotted the ICED COFFEE by International Delight. You get your choice of original, mocha, or vanilla. You can buy this half gallon for $3.98, cheaper than buying at fast food place. I already know International Delight is a quality brand. I use their brand of Vanilla Creamer in my coffee. So I never had an issue that this wouldn't be anything but good. Well, This is really good! I bought the original. It is so creamy and sweet, but not so sweet, like some fast food places tend to make it. It has 100% Premium Arabica Coffee, so smooth and Delicious! I am very impressed with how great this is. You would not think that being in a carton that it would taste like it was freshly made, but it does. You can like them on Facebook and enter to win. Sign up for coupons and specials on their site   I am thinking of using this in my truffle recipe.  This is also distributed by WhiteWave Foods, where I found the truffle recipe video.

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